A very strong lager beer traditionally brewed in winter to celebrate the coming spring. Full-bodied, malty, well-hopped. Darker, sweeter, and heavier than typical beers, made for six weeks in the spring from the residue left in the vats before they are cleaned. Double Bock is an even stronger version.
It only takes a few bottles of Sam Adams Double Bock to make me talk funny and fall down.
by Beer Hunter February 12, 2004
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baekhyun + cock = bock. THE bock. theres only one bock. the holy bock
“nnnggfff. gimme dat bock.”
by baekbhu December 8, 2019
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a penis. not just any old penis oh no! bocks can erect downward. yup. wierd. bocks are basically penises that arnt quite where they should be. like well, basically a back cock. inserted into an anus bagash to recreate backward sex.bexx. could be used as a comical insult.
person 1: i forgot my wallet
person 2:'u sweaty bock!'
by Kai Jones February 18, 2008
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I went into this bock the other day and there was this ugly ass stripper who looked like Billy Bob.
by Monte Monte January 30, 2007
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The space between your penis shaft and your nutsac.
she noted the fact that i had come on my bock still.
by master bock November 14, 2009
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Bock comes from the latin word charbockous. The german work bock is dervived from the word charbockous which means annoying homosexual.
"Yo man u get a good look at that guy he was the biggest bock I've ever seen."
by Dubbs July 10, 2004
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A penis with a nipple at the end (like on a boob).
"Hey, Suzie!"
"Hey, Johnny!"
"Want to jack off my bock?"
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
"Damn, I don't know if it's milk or cum!!!!111 I'll drink it to find out then!"
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 19, 2005
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