a word that you can add to any friends name when they are being selfish
jonnyberger took the last 2 beers into his room
billberger ate all the hot wings
andyberger drank the last 2 shots
jennyberger is such a bitch
by jonesberger February 19, 2019
the guy that still can beat the living shit out of the two authors above him
if you tell me who you are berger will come and rape your mother to prove his straightness and bash your pretty face ugly
if he know you are against him
by youguystillareassholes December 8, 2008
to diarrhea into plasctic bag then freeze it. once properly frozen and hard, you beat the person with it. once knocked out you take the frozen diarrhea out of the bag and place it on stomach.
dude, i bergered a girl last night and she woke up with shit all over her
by jewishwombat April 4, 2011
A Berger is an incredibly ugly child. A Berger is always higly contagious and annoying. A berger can commonly be found loitering around Tamarrama beach, scots and under trucks.
I just threw up when i looked at berger.

Accelerate the truck I can see Berger.

Run Steph Run. I can see Berger.
by Bograt October 15, 2006
An older man that trys to sleep with boys under the age of 15. These types of people were most likely raped as young children and are extremely homosexual.
That faggot over there is trying to run a berger
by wvboy September 17, 2006
"bailey's got a fat bulge he's such a berger"

"look at that non-berger rj over there"
by bigboyRJ November 13, 2020
1. to intentionally do harm to another in a way that results in a buzz kill.

2. the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems extremely difficult or impossible to solve.

3. incompetence resulting in an incomplete or poorly completed task.

4. doomed or destined for failure.

5. to literally take it from behind.
1. "That cop totally bergered us."

2. "Dude, we are so bergered right now!"

3. "Mike bergered that TPS report."

4. "The Iraqis are completely bergered."

5. "Tim has severe pain from getting bergered so hard last night."
by the original iceberg July 11, 2008