The term BENNY originated from the letters of the train stations on the Jersey Shore line where annual toursit come down to the shore and mess up everything between Memorial day and Labor day.
(N)ew (Y)ork

Locals can spot a BENNY from miles away. They're ususaly of Italian decent, mostly from New York, they ask the dumbest things like "Which way is the beach?" and "What do you guys do during the winter?", they can't drive for shit, they think they're sweet, they crowd out beaches, malls, and basically our entire lives. They know only the major roads to get to the shore + home, they think it's cool to come down for the weekend, go to one of the 50 clubs on Ocean Av., trash the state and leave on Sunday. The cops all come out after Memorail day and hunt for the New York plates until Labor day, they pay WAY to much for a shack a block away from the beach, they can't handle a Jeresy Girl nor do they know just how good of a state New Jersey is.

Best of all, they have no fucking idea what a 'Benny' is.
Benny (Pulling over a few blocks away from the shore): "Hey bro, which way's the beach?"

Local (pointing west towards Newark): "That way." (mumbling under his/her breath) "Go home fucking benny..."
by ILiveInBelmar August 01, 2005
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A slang term for the drug "Benzedrine" that came into the U.S. around 1928 as inhalers, and later on in tablet form. It is a stimulant similar to methamphetamine.
I havnt slept for 3 days man, them bennies got me goin.
by Austin Westervelt October 17, 2006
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Your job's benefits package - like medical insurance, dental insurance, and 401k
Matt: Somehow I make $16 an hour, plus bennies, to sit in a cubicle from 9 to 5

Dave: You're lucky bro. I know a guy who's disabled, couldn't finish high school, and makes the minimum wage to push a mop around in circles all day. Keeps the floors and the urinals clean tho.
by TodaysTomSawyer March 08, 2010
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the tourist scum that comes from north jersey and new york and completely ruins the entire jersey shore during the summer. they are usually greaseball italians and don't know how to drive. they pollute our beaches, congest our roads, and trash our towns.

if you do not live at the jersey shore, stay the fuck out. we hate you and you are not welcome.

also see
You fucking bennies need to leave our towns. NOW!!!!
by Matt February 12, 2005
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The stupid tourists from up north, they increase traffic, pollute the beach (they say it is the locals, the tommies, fault), and all round cause havoc.
Tommy #1: "That guy just did an illegal turn, probably doesn't know where he is going, and just threw trash out his window."
Tommy #2: "Its the summer, the bennies are here"
by Morgulking75 May 22, 2005
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mostly offensive term for annoying ppl usually from NY that come and clog up the jerzy shore and our clubs. usually have greesy hair and usually wear a wife beater and low jeans with ther briefs sticking out. most of tehm cant drive normally because they are so use to newyork, so they cut all of us jerzy ppl off and get mad when we give them teh finger.
walking through belmar
* geezuz thrs so many fukin bennies here- go the hell home*
by dont think about it January 25, 2005
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Trucker slang term for speed (methamphetamine)
In order to get to my destination on time, I kept on poppin' bennies!
by anonymous March 13, 2004
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