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Tommies are people who are native of Toms River NJ and are the sworn enemy of bennies. Every summer they wage war with the bennies from up north. Usually they just give wrong directions to them.
Benny: "How do you get to Seaside Heights?"
Tommy: "Go to Rt. 37, make a right and once you pass under the GSP and reach the hospital, you are almost there, just a few more miles past lakehurst, and the beach will be in front of you before you know it."
by Morgulking75 May 22, 2005

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The stupid tourists from up north, they increase traffic, pollute the beach (they say it is the locals, the tommies, fault), and all round cause havoc.
Tommy #1: "That guy just did an illegal turn, probably doesn't know where he is going, and just threw trash out his window."
Tommy #2: "Its the summer, the bennies are here"
by Morgulking75 May 22, 2005

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Someone who goes to LUElinks, but does not post or contribute links. He leeches off of other LUEsers, and is not known at all. And when they do post it is a WTF situation.
morgulking75 "So i was fapping the other day."
*random LUErker* "Was it tasty?"
morgulking75 "WTF! Who the hell are you?"
by Morgulking75 May 01, 2005

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