One of the best series ever created. BB:FOF went on for four seasons.

BB:FOF was a one hour show. It would show five stories (known as "segments") that were inspired by actual events (supposedly) that were "Beyond Belief". Some would be fact, and some would be fiction. It would be revealed with segments were fact or fiction at the end of the show.

The show premiered on May 1, 1997 and was last aired on September 1, 2002. FOX originally was broadcasting the show, but Sci-Fi eventually took over. The last marathon of BB:FOF ever put on Sci-Fi was back in August of 2005.

Sometimes, BB:FOF is ended with a question mark. It would sometmes be known as: Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

James Brolin was the original host, but Jonathon Frakes eventually replaced him.
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction was such an awesome series. I hope it comes out on DVD.
by Zicksen August 17, 2006
1. To try to spread a belief, that isn't exactly wrong and just different than others, (i.e. veganism or politics) and if one doesn't exactly agree with said belief, publicly shame them as if the person is bad/toxic.
Person A: Hi, would you like to donate money to (insert pro-animal life organization/charity)?
Person B: Um, no thanks.
Person A: Would you eat a kitten if you were stranded on a island?
Person B: Well, yes but-
Person B: Stop.
Person A (shouting to random people): THIS GUY EATS KITTENS!!!!
by Other_Person July 5, 2020
the sense of liberation when long held beliefs seem to have fallen away; when it’s realised that there’s no longer a default to old programs/factory settings etc
There was belief-relief in realising that I didn’t have to be accomplished/ respectable/worthy/ confident.. etc etc
by 4-no-one April 26, 2021
The acceptance of something as true or real, even if it's a lie, is false, is wrong, is a faith that can't be proven, not all beliefs are untrue, and it's especially the case when you have evidence to back up your beliefs.
Belief: you're all zombies except for me, in fact because of you treating me painfully you don't feel pain, I do, and harming you is imprudent.
Fact: all my beliefs are true.
by badmouth December 14, 2018
A subjective answer to unanswerable questions.
"It was Miles' belief that eyebrows should be considered facial hair."
by 0110001101100100 August 12, 2020
Whether your belief is correct or incorrect according to someone else's information, you still stand for it if it's what you believe to be true, since the alternative is falling for anything anybody else tells you, whether it be the government, healthcare, scientists, the media, or somebody you never met on facebook.
Nobody should try to dissuade or discourage somebody from a belief. At least there are still a few people still resisting the urge to fall back in line for a vaccine even when they're outnumbered by people in line to do what they are told to do next.
by The Original Agahnim October 4, 2021