-fail to give a true notion or impression.

-fail to fulfill or justify(a claim or expectation); betray.

-to contradict, to show something to be false.
1.his lively alert manner belied his years.
2.her confident speech belied her nervousness.
3.his calm demeanor belied his inner sense of guilt.
by Sidney Sheldon March 9, 2014
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Someone who is amazingly beautiful and perfect in every single way. She is the best at everything. She can be classy, elegant, silly, gentle, funny, smart. Shes very fun to be around and can always make your day! She is someone you can trust and love with all your heart. She can be shy one second then crazy the next. EVERYBODY loves her so much and the people that hate her are just jealous (smd haters).
What can I say? She's a Belis

Damn, look at that chick, she's such a Belis
by Only Speak Of The Truth February 19, 2013
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justin: damn , look at bely !
dusty: holy shit she is so sexyyyyyy .
by guess_wh0 June 5, 2006
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means to "believe that"

the "eve" is silent in believe, so it's just pronounced "buh-lee"
I will knock you out, belie dat.
by JT_love February 26, 2008
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Beli-chip: a (fictional) device placed in the helmet of New England Patriots players to help them answer questions from the media. The Beli-chip allows Patriots Coach Bill Belichick to communicate and remind the players what is and what isn’t acceptable to say to the media.
Chris Berman was really grilling Randy Moss about Tom Brady's knee, but the Beli-chip kept him on message and on point!
by PatsFanatic August 4, 2009
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The phonetic spelling of the brand 'jelly belly', according to a YouTube vid about a fuckwit chopping up a gummy candy rat.

In this video a lonely 40yo virgin kills the hopes and dreams of many aspiring scientists by making their job look like child's play, and something a retard could do.
Woah, dude, someone made a stupid vid about a geli beli gummy rat
by Richard Monroe June 10, 2017
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