Worst thing that ever happened to sports broadcasting. Is considered to be the transfat oozing, prostate cancer causing, racoon piss smelling, face of ESPN.
Son: "I want to be like Chris Berman when I grow up dad!"
Father: Shoots son in the face with sawed-off shotgun.
by YourGirlMyHouse November 23, 2011
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The greatest sports newscaster alive. He is well-known for his colorful nicknaming of players who show up on the sports highlights. He created the noise WHOOOOP!, and uses it in a high-pitched tone to define acrobatic moves or misdirections, including fakes, hurdles and jukes, or fumbles.
He's running out of running room, WHOOOOP!, into the endzone!


Did you see Chris Berman on Sportscenter?....Yeah man, he is the best there is!

by Captain White Power July 17, 2006
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While a girl is performing the act of fellatio, the man grabs the girl and spins her around into the 69 position and makes the famous Chris Berman "WHOOOOP."
We were down stairs when we heard Justin pull The Chris Berman, suddenly we realized that we were ready for some football.

Yeah so she went down on me, but it wasn't that great so I decided to pull The Chris Berman, needless to say it was much better after that.
by Bigsexwill January 26, 2011
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