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When a girl sucks on your balls for so long they become 2 psi below normal

(Only to be used by New Englanders with pats pride)
Steve: Dude that chick Summer gave me a Bill Belichick last night I feel so light
Shawn: Good luck trying to have kids then bro.
by Dothejohnwall January 31, 2015
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He is the New England Patriots head coach since 2000. A Super Bowl winning* coach, known for cheating his way to wins, who rides the tails of his MVP quarterback Tom Brady and amazing defense to getting credit for being one of the greatest coaches ever, when in fact everyone knows he sucks.
Known for being an asshole to the media and wearing a hoodie on gamedays.
Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 for cheating.
When one thinks of cheating assholes, Bill Belichick's name comes to mind.
by James Fairchild January 04, 2008
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Cheater, Fraud, Led the New England Patriots to 3 Tainted Super Bowl Championships.
Films defensive signals of opposing teams to gain an advantage, all of the pats Super Bowl wins under Bill belichick are Tainted.
by Bill Bilicheat January 02, 2008
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The most intelligent and prolific coach in the modern NFL, if a bit eccentric...
bill belichick is unquestionably the BEST coach in the current NFL, a truth often contested with irrelevant information by jealous whiners...

oh, and senator specter, don't you have better things to do?
by thereyougobob July 10, 2008
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An incredibly smart coach known for gutsy calls and bizarre tactics. Known to throw the red flag to contest a play and get it denied 75 percent of the time. He also makes brilliant calls that give away football games to football geniuses like Peyton Manning who laughs when they go for it on the fourth down at their 29 yard line. Coach of a team who led a perfect season and choked on the last game. If he would have just had another camera on the sideline he would have been able to cheat better. With Tom Brady as your jester, anything is possible, except making an intelligent call to win the game.
I totally pulled a Bill Belichick - I had the game in the bag and then I gave it away.
by tom brady cheat November 16, 2009
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