Belgrade has been the capital of Serbia since 1404 and lies on the flowing Sava river to the Danube river in northern central Serbia and has a population of 1.65 million. Belgrade is said to be one of the oldest European if not world cities. Belgrade was first settled by Celtic tribes 2300 years ago before it became a Roman settlement of Singidunum and then being passed down to the Byzantine Empire. Singidunum (Belgrade) was occupied by the Huns, Sarmatians, Ostrogoths and Avars after the Roman empire fell, until the Serbs settled it around 630AD. In 878 the city was renamed Beligrad under the rule of the Bulgarian kingdom. The first Serbian king to rule Belgrade was Dragutin, who received it as a present from the Hungarian king. Belgrade was occupied by the Kingdom of Hungary, until 1521 when it was captured by the Ottoman Turks, Belgrade remained under Ottoman rule for 300 years. When the Ottoman Turks left in 1867 and Serbia got its full independence in 1878, Belgrade became again the capital of Serbia. After World War One Belgrade then became the capital of Yugoslavia for over 50 years until the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991.

by SerbianPatriot October 14, 2005
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Sexiest city in europe, women wear very little clothing and tease alot. but you need to sweat a lot to manage to sleep with them (check "whore" definition)
dude 1: oh man so many hot chicks here! i feel that im gonna be kicked to the curb
dude 2: yup it's so belgrade!
by sluttianik May 9, 2012
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Belgrade (Beograd) is the capital of Serbia, with 1.6 million people living there. It is located in the South-East of Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula, at the flowing rivers of the Sava and Danube rivers. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and since ancient times it has been an important traffic focal point, an intersection of the roads of Eastern and Western Europe.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.
by CrnaStrela September 5, 2005
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I got so high last night, it was a real Belgrade Experience

The Belgrade Experience is killing many every year.
by Drkalo MMl April 22, 2019
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A photograph of a former yuhsb talmuds boner through his pants while playing DS
Omg did you see Belgrade’s boner!! Yeah lmao from princess peach
by Nigerkike January 10, 2019
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A football club from Belgrade, Serbia. All the smart people from Belgrade city are Partizan fans. The other ones like Red Star.
by zedstarr September 24, 2006
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A complete public meltdown. To crash and burn in the spotlight, often caused by a combination alcohol-drug addiction.
Guy: Did you see Brian's best man's speech at his wedding last week?
Girl: Yeah, that was Amy-Winehouse-in-Belgrade sloppy!
by Nancefay June 20, 2011
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