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Planet Mars, it was seen clearly during Moon eclipse in the last two weeks of July 2018 at night and it's red in colour.
After seeing a red star at night on the 26th of July I made a Google search and found out it was planet Mars and it was getting closer to the Moon and the Moon was red as well on the following day
by TualaNtukza July 26, 2018
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One of the symbols of communism, along with the hammer and sickle. It is typically depicted as a gold star on a red background, although a red star on other backgrounds works as well. The five points each represent a different part of the communist peoples, which would have to work together in order for communism to work. Which point of the star is not related to an order of the groups, which follow:

1. The Intelligentsia, those who had intelligence and were to criticize the way things were, so that life for all could be improved.

2. The Military, those who defended communism from those who would seek to destroy it.

3. The Youth, those who were to grow up communists, and to lead the next era of communism.

4. The Proletariat, those who labored in factories and such to allow society to run.

5. The Peasantry, those who worked on agriculture and so allowed society to feast.
On the soviet flag, a red star hangs above the hammer and sickle, the two most common symbols of communism.
by Andrev Jakstone October 03, 2005
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A being of such epic fatness he was initially mistaken for a moon by astronomists, One astronomist remarked 'That's no moon, that's RedStar'. This theory was disproved as moons can't eat 75 doughnuts in under 3 mins, unlike RedStar.
RedStar's volume is the equivalent of 287 olympic sized swimming pools.
by NgRedStar November 10, 2008
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1) The second-best recognized symbol of Communism, after the hammer and sickle. The red star has its origins in the green star, which is the symbol of the Esperanto world-language. The green star had 5 points because only 5 continents were considered to exist in the late 1800's.

Leon Trotsky copied the symbol after he noticed a green star on the lapel of Nikolai Krylenko, who was an Esperantist. Admiring its internationalist symbolism, Trotsky made a red star the symbol of the Red Army. Red is the color of communism because all human beings - men, women, black, white, rich, poor - have red blood. It also symbolizes the blood shed in the ancient struggle to liberate all oppressed peasants and workers.

2) A cheap 112-proof Chinese rum distilled from sorghum, popular among Beijing workers. It is available in the US for about $10 a bottle at your local Chinese supermarket. Beware, it has high levels of ethanol (paint thinner).
1) Wear the red star with pride, comrade.

2) Damn, that red star burns.
by s0n of stalin May 24, 2007
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Barely beating a song on rockband/guitar hero. (When the fretboard is flashing red through out the song)
I redstared Visions on drums...
by January 21, 2009
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The lines left on your hand when you wipe blood off of a zit
Dude, wash those red stars off your hands
by AlekkusuFuyu April 15, 2017
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