Słowo, którego uwielbiają używać wszyscy ci, do których edukacja nie zdążyła dotrzeć.
Znaczenie: Zabawna sytuacja; coś, co wywołuje śmiech
- Patrz, jaki śmiesznie ubrany typ.
- Haha, ale beka!

- Idzie baba do lekarza a lekarz też baba! Beka, co nie?
by Robbob October 21, 2013
When a guy makes a move on a girl and she traps him in the 'zone' - the friendzone
"Hey Beej, how's it?" "I asked Sammi out and she totally friendzoned me, but I'm cool with that" "Dude you got Beka Scott'd"
by Beejtrapped September 1, 2012
She is the most wonderful girl you will ever talk to. She is the best girlfriend ever and it would be the biggest mistake in your life not to marry her.
My girlfriend's name is beka boo.
by emoSephiroth April 7, 2009
Hamo beka is an egyption badass singer where nobody actually like his songs and they take him as a meme
Hamada: hey , have u heared about hamo beka’s latest song ?
Ramy: Rb el kon myzna bmezaa
by ZyroXLeo October 14, 2018
blackburn babe, fond of all ball games, netball is one! studying biology, her prefered area is anatomy men in particular. dances at every opportunity. was once awarded the nobel peace prize for burping and northern profanties. she was first to christen the toilet with her spew! last know to be going out with mark morrision he was return of the MAC! also expects chips to be in the oven.
dude, i saw that accy beka in brannigans she was talkin to scouse steve whilst checking out the anatomy of a local man i.e the willy!
by an individual in society! December 12, 2004
The act of shock, when a person finds or hears something that is out of the ordinary.
a: "Yakhi i think ill have to make you go clubbing this weekend"

b: "Leb beka"
by ztubidist January 26, 2009