Peter: I’m sorry I broke the phone you got me

Randy: it’s okay, you’re welcome anyway
by llamalover2048 February 10, 2018
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meaning yse

yse means yes

yes means ahree

im so smart

person: "wanna go to ice cream land"
person #1: "ywa id love to go"
by gaboey May 18, 2021
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Young white avatar/artist.

When an aging black musician or music industry professional utilizes a young Caucasian artist to reach a broader audience. In majority of cases the older artists is more talented but due to their image they are seen as old and irrelevant or generally less palatable to a mainstream audience.

Dr Dre - Eminem

Usher - Justin Bieber

TI - Iggy Azalea

Maurice Starr (New Edition Manager) - New Kids on the Block
You need to find yourself a YWA, that's where the real money is.
by Mall Beats February 21, 2023
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YWAS: Young, Wild And Single.
I do not want a girlfriend, because i am YWAS.
by georgdkdkdk August 15, 2017
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You wack ass
James you took my Doritos ywa!
by Julian Hobson September 5, 2018
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A Ywa Dee is the most heart warming person you will ever meet, Once you get to know one you should have an unbreakable bond.
Thats my gf over there

Omg Ywa Dee!?!? Shes so nicee
by 12345567889 June 15, 2021
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