A lady that is crazy, has blond hair, and a husband named John.
Hi wa-beka, do you want to go see Alberto?
by Lilacwhisper December 6, 2022
She is a beka.
by Hhhhhlol June 19, 2017
Probably the biggest dick you will ever meet.
Cant even spell their name correctly.
Beka is a big dong
by Bigdongdave69 November 23, 2021
It's when a Kostas is doing something he doesn't understand and you tell him this word to confuse him
Kostas, stop being a beka
by The_humourless_bear January 3, 2022
Beka is the best person in your life. If you have Beka, you are lucky and cool!
beka is sexy!
by Dambass June 25, 2021