A very Greek man who enjoys fishing, swimming and posing for his portrait to be drawn.

Kostas typically has curly hair and an adorable smile. Be careful when dating a Kostas! He will most likely break your heart because he is secretly engaged to someone else.

If you get a chance to meet a Kostas, stay calm and collected. You probably just met the most handsome human being to ever walk the planet.
Person A: did you just see Kostas smile at that girl?

Person B: oh that’s his fiancée.

Person A: but I thought he was with Lena?
by Skyequake July 17, 2018
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1) Origin: Constantine, Costas
From the latin word ''constant'' which means steadfast. But another meaning of constant is ''obedient, loyal'', so Kostas could mean ''loyal friend'', an awesome, good friend.

2) A name used a lot by Greeks. It's also a Christianic name.
1) ''You have to meet Kostas, he's such a loyal friend, I'm telling you; he's as close as his name!''

2) Kostas is so popular in Greece, especially because it's a Christianic name, because of the GrecoRoman King Constantine, who happens to be a saint.
by RedEyedWolf January 08, 2011
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A crazy party animal who doesn't care what you or others think about him. He has a great sense of humor. Usually goes from girl to girl and is known as a real heart breaker. Girls just keep coming back to him even after he has broken their heart several times. Has some crazy secrets that he wants no one to find out. Generally someone who is popular in high school and has no real future after then.
Yo, did you see what Kostas did last night?
Yea he asked out that girl that he rejected a few weeks ago
When will they ever learn.
by Mussyboi September 17, 2017
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1) The Greek spelling of "Costas." Is the short form of "Konstantinos," which is the Greek spelling of "Constantine."

The name means "constant"/"steadfast" in Latin.

2) A guy who is horrible with girls.

3) A really hot geeky/nerdy guy. The fact that he's a geek or nerd usually contributes to the second part of the definition.

4) A complete douche bag.
1) Kostas is the third most popular name in Greece as of 2004.

2) Dylan: "So, did she ask you out?"

Kostas: "Yeah, but she broke up with me about two minutes later when she saw I liked RPG games."

Dylan: "Oh jeez, you're horrible with girls dude."

Both: *silence*

3) Kayla: "So, what are you into?"

Kostas: "Anime, video games..."

Kayla: "Whoa, major geek there!"

4) Min: "Yo, you going to the bar tonight?"

Matt: "Hell yeah!" *thinks* "Hey, maybe we should ask Kostas to join us."

Min: "That douche bag? No thanks."
by Franglais n00b pwner May 29, 2009
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