Ramy is an Egyptian/Arabic name which means "Archer" or "Bow-man"
man1: Who's that strong man over there?
man2: He's a Ramy
by Pimp Ray September 24, 2010
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A Ramy is a manly man who is truly kind hearted. A Ramy will go out of its way to help others in need, in other words, a Ramy is your modern-day super hero, who has no super powers.
Subject 1: Hey look, it's a duck!
Subject 2: No, it's a helicopter!
Subject 3: No.. it's just Ramy.
by Costa Xilouris November 22, 2010
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A very smart and sexy person, good with girls, can beat up anyone named Josh. Strong, rich, future leader of the world, and is better than most people in the world. Escpecially anyone named Josh.
Hey look! Its Ramy! I beat he's here to lead us, and beat up Josh!
by Ramyfgghtjj October 5, 2011
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The name given to a royal person that achieves world domination, preferrably under a reich.
That man is destined to become a Ramy.
by Evo9669 June 21, 2011
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Ramy is an Egyptian name usually for guys. He's usually cold but deep down they're so soft hearted. Ramy is usually a person with goals & dreams, he likes organizing time and he's very precious and kind but can seem mean & harsh to others who don't know him.

He's so boring!
No he's not ! He's Ramy
by Admnjuu April 9, 2021
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Ramy has the biggest dick in the world,he is cute and very sexy.
He gets every girl to bed and is smart.
Ramy is a nice friend and he is pervert.
by Rahamy November 6, 2018
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Someone whose family origins in Egypt and enjoys building fancy pyramids
Random Person: Duuuddde, look at that pyramid on tv.

Responder: I bet Ramy built it.
by the1337arcade January 4, 2009
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