A nickname for the names Muhammed / Mohammed or ahmed used by middle easterns and speakers of arabic mainly . Similar to "Mido" .Used frequently in Egypt , Lebanon , Jordan and throughout the middle east .
"Ya hamada habibi how are you ?"

"hamaaaaaaaaadaaaaa come eat !"

"hamada hamooda habibi .. i love you "
by masreya_ya3ni October 13, 2008
One who disappears at inappropriate times after saying they wouldn't, leaving one feeling upset.
Friend: "Aw! She didn't come to my concert! She said she would!"
You: "She friggin pulled a Tadashi Hamada....."
by LawlingEveryDay December 17, 2014
He is the protagonist from big hero 6 he is an inventor and has been paired by many. His his cute mop messy black(or brown) and chestnut brown eyes he is the best protagonist ever made by Disney.
Hiro Hamada and his trusty friend baymax always have fun
by Derpybaymax;D March 3, 2015
vocalist, visual, and producer of group Treasure. asahi is an all rounder, not just in those 3 things but in acting, art and photography too. he’s one of the kindest souls who’s both beautiful inside and out. he deserves everything good. if you don’t love asahi then you’re doing it wrong :)
have you seen that all-rounder hamada asahi?
by asahisclavicle December 9, 2021
a character in the disney/marvel film big hero six, who is the older brother of the main character hiro and dies tragically in a fire 20 minutes into the film. known for being, as the white gays on tumblr would call him, "a pure cinnamon roll" as he has a very inspiring/softboi personality, as well as being a total hottie and dreamboat. a lot of people still view him as something like a waifu. multiple people theorize that he might actually be alive, as his body was never found on screen; some speculate he might return in a sequel film.
i miss tadashi hamada every single day of my life.

stan tadashi hamada for clear skin.

tadashi hamada is my ideal man.
by 你们都是傻瓜 March 4, 2021
Vaibot's Daddy
Vaibo, who is your daddy?
Vaibo: Hamada
by SpotitXidaHamada6969 June 23, 2021