Indeed "Haste the Day" is a great band, but the other meaning has a deeper meaning. It stems from a biblical reference in which "Haste the day" means; Seize the day, take full advantage of the day that you're on, don't let a chance slip by that you may never get back.
Theres so much to be done, I must Haste the day, and get everything accomplished.
by adam "peteey" May 31, 2006
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One of the best band to appear on solid state records. they are a combination of metal, hardcore, and screamo. They pack solid and catchy guitar riffs (though sometimes monotonuos) with a steady beats and disorted vocals. They have their unique brand of screaming, a more deep, brooding scream that fits well with the fast-paced bass and guitars (though the screaming is the worst aspect of the band...). The chorus of the songs if the real charm though since they take part in singing them (the better half of the songs). In all, the inovative, heavy sounding band is sure to attract followers of metalcore/screamo/emo bands.
Bands like haste the day: Alexisonfire, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die, A Perfect Murder, Between the Buried and Me, Poison the Well, Bury Your Dead, Underoath(old skool underoath), Endwell(kicks ass!!!!), and Naiad (a japanese hardcore band, not bad, not bad at all...).
Kinda the same bands:
Silverstein, Half the Battle, Saosin, Deep Enough To Die, Blackoutskies, Farewell Unknown, Chiodos, Dear Whoever, Kid Innocence, the Silence, Dead Poetic, Story of the Year(kinda), Hawthorne Heights.
by Straub June 28, 2005
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mediocre christian band, better than underoath worse than as i lay dying or august burns red
player1-dude, haste the day rules

player2-they ain't got shit on as i lay dying or august burns red
by seth ross November 17, 2007
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