beep boop is a word that can be used in any context and/or form
we were holding hands and I didn't know what to say, so I just said "beep boop"

this conversation is so fucking awkward haha beep boop :/
by BumPears1000 October 8, 2018
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something one may say out of randomness, when they are at a loss of words, to mimic a robot, or to break an awkward silence.
sixth grade teacher: "the school has decided that my terminal brain cancer is effecting my work performance"
entire class: *flashes back to when said teacher threw a football at the girls bathroom window*
entire class: *flashes back to when said <history> teacher marked out our imaginary countries fake land with neon duck tape all over the walls and ceiling and chairs and desks, and if we accidentally stepped on each others fake land, we were forced to go to rock paper scissors war*
sixth grade teacher: "so i regret to do this, but i am being let go and filing for unemployment"
me: *starts taping my nostrils upward to my forehead*
sixth grade teacher: "hopefully if this condition can be treated or terminated, i will return back to work at this school, but for now me and my girlfriend have decided that whats best is for me to get admitted to the cleveland clinic and begin treatment"
me: *turns around to my sixth grade friend with my nostrils still taped to my forehead so i look like a pig* "beep boop"
friend: "starts maniacally laughing so hard she cries"
every other person in the room: *gives her a disgusted look*
me: *ducks my head and rips the tape off my face*

in conclusion, i am in 9th grade now and all i can say is: r.i.p Mr. Gerace.
by aamandakocsiss April 1, 2020
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a. a popular tip of modern music characterized by electronically made melody and beats

b. the speakers that it beep boops is played on
Ted: "he's making more of the beep boops for his show friday"

Sam: "that new whip is sick! its got spinners and the beep boops!"
by chillymcfeelz May 18, 2017
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A 5'2 short robot.

She's shockingly ferocious; attacking anyone nearby in the vicinity with zero sympathy. Her favorite targets include: Server retards, YAOI haters, anti-snipe niggas. She's surprisingly nice with those she loves, but holds a deep loathing hatred among those she deems worthless.

Note 1: The spell "LOGS = GAY" is deemed to be ineffective when used against her, making her a big threat. Use the spell "LOGS = STRAIGHT" instead to counter her though at a price of several drawbacks.
(There is a big risk of using the "LOGS = STRAIGHT" technique due to a number of reasons including but not limited to: Straight people using the logs to snipe you instead. )

Note 2: Be aware that she releases oil instead of cum, a result of her being a fucking robot.
Note 3: Do not attempt to sex her. (Trust me)
Beep Boop: I'll boil your fucking teeth <3
SERVER RETARD: Ok sorry (; - ;)
by Anti-horny police man November 16, 2020
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A countershutdown used when you are being shutdown, or you are at a loss for words. Commonly used over xbox live. May be used with handsignals when appropriate.
Colin: Jon you suck at call of duty

Jon: Beep Boop.
by Jwoo2 December 1, 2008
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the sound an old dial up computers makes, also often used to describe a geek/nerd.
Damian is such a beep-boop
by *reivax* November 29, 2010
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