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The kindest and coolest person you will ever know. Known to be loved by all. known for strength and courage.

The real definition of Sebastien is

"venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors)
He is such a Sebastien
by Scarface999 November 21, 2013
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A Superstar, usually a French yogi, who's not famous in the traditional sense but a unique bread of a man. Because of his unique qualities, he is very popular with the ladies, even though he is a freak in some ways and some have been known to have three nostrils and colorblindness. A sweet man who's spiritual, intelligent, kind and loving. Many woman claim that this handsome Superstar is the last good man out there.
Girl 1: Oh my goodness, look a Sebastien!!!
Girl 2: No, I saw him first!!! He's all mine!!!!
by Micksimoo February 05, 2010
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very good looking, has all the shy good girls in the palm of his hand but, he dos not see that. often enjoys remixed music and has composed some as well. big Pokemon fan, as well as other popular video games. always trying to sneak music in to class and will often bee seen with his headphones around his neck. can be very hard to read/understand. he uses contacts but will occasionally be seen with glasses, he is also very tall and with dirty blond or sandy hair color. some times considered a nerd or a dork by the more popular kids. (but they don't matter)
girl1:Sebastien is so cute when hes laughing!
girl2:i know right! his smile brightens the room!
girl3: ew.. did you see his post on facebook? it was about Pokemon..
girl1: i hope you get kicked by a rapidash..

girl2: or a snorlax sits on you..
by i should be sleeping right now October 07, 2012
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He’s a kind and thoughtful guy. Respects everyone but sometimes can get angry fast. Sebastien is rich and handsome and is always sharing with care.
“Have you seen that funny guy, his name is Sebastien?!”
by RG_4023 January 22, 2018
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a tall fellow with messed up hair (Bad hair cut). Usually people reffer this to a cartoon character. Easy to make fun of, but has a temptation to poop in weird places, like a sink
watching tv
is that a sebastien
yeah, but its acctually micky mouse
by sebastien lover May 30, 2011
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An Asian-American/Philippine guy who is commonly confused with either a nigger or a beaner.
"Sebastien is the reason the KKK started!"
by BadSnuSnu November 12, 2018
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