Slang for marijuana: Deew is the backwards spelling of "weed." Historically, its proper usage was to conceal the word "weed" in circumstances when saying "weed" would be inappropriate or undesirable.

Nowadays, once usage has been established, it can be used to mean "weed" in any circumstance whether or not for the purpose of concealment.

The pronunciation of "deew" is the same as "do." "Dyu," as in "few" but with a "d," is a less common, but equally acceptable pronunciation. The official spelling of the word is "deew," but when written and the objective is still to conceal "weed," "dew" is also an acceptable spelling.

To further conceal "weed," "deew" may be used interchangeably with "mountain dew," or in exigent circumstances, "mountain deew code red."

Additionally, "emoks" (pronounced e-mox), a derivation of the backwards smelling of "smoke," can be used in conjunction with "deew" to form phrases such as "lets go outside and emoks some deew," or "this is the best deew I have ever emoksed."

The origins of the term are mysterious, but spectators believe the "Charter" chapter (Irvine, CA), of the Skubaz organization may be responsible for its creation and/or its emergence in pop culture.
Dude and Guy are at Dude's house with Dude's parents around.

Guy: What do you feel like doing right now Dude?

Dude: Umm, you want to go to Bob's place, he has some good deew.
by Skubaz July 15, 2010
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The retarded noises Ben Oldham makes on a regular basis.
Ben began making strange noises which made me think for a split second that my microwave had beeped and Tea was ready
by deew deew deeew May 6, 2005
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A similar mood to depression, you are down; you feel sad about a recent event and lonely.
The complete opposite of swEED.
Joe: Things aren't swEED
Ryan: Deews
Josh: Thats me done then...
by jardinhio August 9, 2009
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