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A girl who has a witty humor and a girly sense of all that's good in life. She will always be there to hit you up with the talks and especially the laughs. She will define great memories, and she will be there for some of the most memorable as well. You will be glad she is a part of the colorful--but also weird-- experiences that contribute to your collective life.
Reem ships everything, and yet she still dubs everything 'platonic'.
by Meechthebeast January 26, 2016
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a beautiful sexy woman that everybody loves. alotta people wanna do her. she is very nice and smart. she is extremely hot.
Daaaang I wish I was Reem.

Dude the girl with A lot of Reem is walking by.
by saborsord99 December 12, 2013
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For a person or thing to look good. Usually used by Londoners, or of people in the Essex area.
Your hair is looking reem today
by Let-Down April 28, 2011
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A way to describe the perfect girl. Like in Mulan, a girl worth fighting for. Includes qualities of a perfect woman, like brains, beauty, and kindness.
What kind of girl do yo want? A reem.
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by rumrum6 January 21, 2018
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Great; fit; attractive; perfect.

Usually used to describe people or personal appearance but can be used in any situation.
by udeditor1 April 20, 2011
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-Known for their quick tempers, reems are wild animals always on the lookout for someone in need so they can stomp all over them and remind them how bad their lives are
Guy 1: Oh no dude watch out Reem is coming over
Guy 2: Shit she’s gonna take my bad card playing skills and use them against me
Guy 1: Bro run
by Johny’ssister July 25, 2018
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