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spanish form of saying "babygirl".
English: "hey babygirl, what's good?"
Spanish: "Hola beba, que es lo quy hay?
by Sindy February 12, 2005
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The action of squeezing/caressing a person's cheek with your first and thumb fingers, similar to what an aunt does when she hasn't seen you in awhile. The action is followed by proclaiming "Beba!" with a happy voice. The word is also used to describe someone's cheek in itself. This isn't a greeting, it's usually done after at least ten minutes of conversing. A Beba is basically performed to let the person know you're connected to them in some way, whether it be acquaintance, good friend or significant other.
"Come on man, let me hook you up with a Beba."

"Dude, that girl's Beba's are so sick. Everytime I give her one my fingers just slide off them cause she's so damn greasy."
by Prance Rosner April 10, 2009
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