Its a North Indian word. Launda is singular for laundey. Laundey is a word used to describe the guys with "devil may care" attitude. They do the stuff which always gets eyebrow raised of Old people or so called sane people. One time they eat at roadside "dhaba" and other time at 5-star hotel with equal ease. They can get entry into a night club with slippers and could snatch the rich guy girlfriend. They may be working in some MNC but they never leave the "laundayi" attitude. A lot of them always say that they dont want a Girlfriend but the one saying that is not a "launda", He is just some wannabe "Launda" Bcoz a launda knows how to get a girl.
Watch out for "Pyar ka Punchnama." The example of launda was Chaudhary.
by Cowboy_inside March 3, 2012
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A Hindi term coined and popularized by the Indian standup comedian Zakir Khan to define the antithesis of simp— specifically, a stolid guy who's impervious to temptation and can't be readily smitten or allured. It's also widely used as a nickname for Zakir himself.
Jake: Hey, do you think Ian is making advances to Michelle?
Alex: Nah bro! Ian is a sakth launda.
by chuck_urband July 17, 2021
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