A car used for daily transport to avoid damage or wear on a nicer car.
I drove my beater to work today, it's raining too hard to take the Z.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
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Shoes that you wear that you dont care what condition they're in.
Guy1:dude, your shoes r fucked up
Guy2:Yea, these r my beaters cuz i dont wana ruin the condition of my AJs
by i4GotMyName March 6, 2008
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a car you can drive recklessly without worrying about crashing it cuz it is already a worthless peice of junk
Id rather have a beater than no car at all
by hotsexbaby May 14, 2005
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A $50 car. Favourites include the Hyundai Pony, Datsun 210, Chevy Chevette and Dodge Omni. You can hold the rusty body panels together with radio station stickers.
Arsehole: "Dude, your car is a beater. Get a better one like mine."
BeaterMan: "How much did yours cost?"
Arsehole: "$30,000."
BeaterMan: "I can buy 600 beaters for what you paid for yours. Dipshit."
by Saddam Hussein May 10, 2003
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(noun) a paddler who is terrible at paddling, usually in a kayak, canoe, or raft, and usually swimming in every rapid

beatering (verb)
the action of being a beater
Look at that beater beatering in that class II hole, he must be feeling the wrath of Jah.
by Magikarpie April 27, 2015
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A beta-tester in a video game at which he/she plays unfairly or he/she cheats during the beta test. Most commonly in Sword Art Online.
Guy 1: "Hey how did you get so far on the first day in this game?"
Guy 2: "Because I knew all the shortcuts."
Guy 1: "No way! You can't do that! Your a cheater!"
Guy 2: "It's not cheating if you beta test the game."
Guy 1: "Your a Cheater and a Beta tester? Your a beater!"
Guy 2: "Hell I like that name."
by thenegativedegree July 4, 2014
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An extremely shitty car.Also known as a shitter or junker
Yo your whip is a beater.
Fuck you bitch
by Big Smoke Dogg November 18, 2003
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