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On a highway, car that passes you going way over the posted speed limit. If there is a speed trap ahead, he will get caught instead of you. See also cop cleaner. The bear part comes from "Smokey The Bear" - shortened to "Bear" - old CB'er term for a highway patrol officer because of their rather distictive headgear which resembles a national park ranger's hat.
Trucker 1: "Breaker, breaker - Jimmy, I gotta make up some time - any Bears around? Over."
Trucker 2: "Not seen any, Peter - but that young buck blew by us in the Eclipse musta been doing about 90. Bear bait fer sure. Over."
by JRob September 19, 2005
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Accidentally attracting gay men as a result of looking like a bear, but not actually being a bear.
Gay Man: Hi! Are you a bear?

Bear Bait: Sorry, but no. I am very flattered though.
by SattMyn November 05, 2011
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n. a vehicle (or vehicles) exceeding the speed limit in the hammer lane, typically after a trucker has moved out of that vehicle's way. The expectation is that smokey bears will go after the vehicle moving fastest, thus keeping them occupied with a customer when you go by. Sometimes truckers try to create this situation on purpose by blocking all the lanes of traffic for a period of time to make people behind them mad enough to speed. see cop cleaner
The truckers were going four-wide on the highway for 10 miles, until the one in the hammer lane swapped lanes, and then the bear bait was released.
by fizzle September 19, 2005
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