One of Osaka, Japan's most notorious live venues, run by Yamamoto Seiichi, of Boredoms fame. The music playing at Bears will go from punk to noise, garage rock, metal and everything in between. Does not have its own bar, though beer is sold from a cooler. Capacity is of about 100 people, and a sold-out show can get seriously packed.
We went to a Masonna gig at Bears and it lasted 2 minutes.
by grrrrk March 09, 2006
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This is a term used for for black people that stand up really tall and stare at each other before a fight, because that's what bears do, a wigger that does this is called a polar bear.
*Someone bumps into black guy.

*Black guy stands up tall and puts his chest on the guy.

Black guy: "What choo gonna do lil' nigga!"

Guy: lol bear!
by DUH_13 July 14, 2009
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there are bear people in the room

that girl is bear buff
by danny November 05, 2003
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A fuzzy gay guy usually with the first name of Aaron.
"Look at that hairy dude, he's such a bear."
by GOAT_KO October 25, 2016
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Woogala woogala woogala woogala roar roar roar
Watch out it's a bear WOOGALA
by Crazydogethingy February 12, 2017
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