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Eco describes a sub-social group of people who are passionate about the enviroment. Like any other social group Ecos are identified by their group behavior, clothing styles, and in some cases dogma or activism. Related sub-social groups are Hippies and New Agers.
Mark is totally Goth, Andy is Emo, and Chuck is Eco.
by big jimz April 30, 2009

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a type of dance popular in clubs
"Drop that 8o8"

"I gotta 8o8"
by big jimz January 29, 2008

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The term "Bears" has been a long standing slang term to refer to any member in law enforcement. The term was originally made popular in America by CB operators.
"Tom, this is Joe, I got a twenty on a couple Bears up here on mile marker 29. Over."
by big jimz May 04, 2009

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"Stepped in Bear Poop" simply descibes someone who received or is receiving a ticket from a the police as a result of speeding trap set by law enforcement to ticket speeding cars. It is commonly used among CB operators in North America.
"That speedy red car convertible finally stepped in Bear poop."
by big jimz May 04, 2009

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An event that would be appropriately defined as "priceless". This is not to be confused with a "Kodak Moment" because not all Mastercard Moments should be seen again.
"Did you see that Barista glare at me? I laughed so hard I was crying. It was a Mastercard Moment."
by big jimz May 27, 2009

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Someone who tweets (posts a message) on Twitter way too much.
Joe tweets about everything he does. He has major Tweetaria.
by big jimz May 19, 2009

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"Pop a Tweet" is a phrase that describes the act of tweeting (posting on Twitter) about something that is urgent.
Did you see that? Now I got to pop a tweet!
by big jimz May 19, 2009

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