Phrase From Northern England: Plentiful, Many
Often Used In Conjunction With "proper"
"I'll Bring Proper Bear Heads Down" (A Threat Will Bring Lots Of Friends For A Fight)

"proper Bear Sickage" (meaning Jolly Good)
by Matty Jack August 20, 2006
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Bears is another way of expressing disappointment when something unfortunate occurs.
Phil: "I got fired today..."
Kurt: "That's fuckin bears"

So Pluto's not a planet anymore...fuckin bears.
by Kurt McCrohan August 11, 2007
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13 year old kid named Michael Ballew. He dreams of one day uniting the world in peace and love. He is a rapper and plans on making it as far as he can in the hip-hop industry by using his own painful recollections and memories to try and reveive what is left of the rap world. He is a freshman, broke as hell and is trying to find love. it's hard out there for a lover. he follows his own philosophy called 589 which means "love the world" he literally takes into consideration other peoples lives and tries to walk in their shoes for a little bit just so he can understand and love the world a little better each day. He loves music. Music is his life. When you read this Try to remember the name because the moment he blows up, The world will change. Its time for change. Contact him at gamemaster5@charter.net, Facebook. (Michael Ballew) or myspace.com/drakius5000. He can't record yet but the moment he can his songs will be all over youtube and Myspace. Get ready people. Its time for love to be reborn. -B.E.A.R 589
B.E.A.R is honestly going to be one of the best upcoming rappers in the recent times. He is signed to his own record label with many artists just like him. IIIrd degree is the name of his Label, He loves to love. Check him out sometime, The moment he gets the ability to record man, You're mind is gonna be blown, out your ass.
by KrunkedMofo July 02, 2010
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The male equivalent of a cougar. An older male who seeks young females for sexual purposes. Slang terms include "PedoBear" "Beary" and "A Smokey The Bear"
I don't have daddy issues you bear!
Your an old bear, go hibernate!
Daddy says no taking candy from bears.
by Dalen Caberson September 05, 2010
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