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to be high on "beans", which are any opioid pill, (oxys, vikes, percs, lortabs, opanas, morphine pills, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, methadone pills, etc.). Can also be used to describe the high of any opiate/opioid, besides heroin or opium.
JC: yoo dawg u tryna go to that party tonight?
NM: nah i'm all BEANED OUT right now jus chillin wit an empty house, lets just get a couple bitches to come thru n suck our dicks muhuhahaaa.
JC: im down, save me some beans niggaaa
NM: got u
by N-8 DOG September 08, 2011
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When the act of beaning out has been complete.

When the car reaches the number of passengers the car is supposed to seat and you and your friends continue to pile people in until you have "beaned out" the vehicle. Meaning that the floor, laps, and roof all become acceptable seating for a ride, many times the vehicles become "Bean out" just to say that you have "beaned out" you ride
"You guys want to go grab a bite to eat?"
"Sure, we can take my car"
"You drive a Jetta"
"So, theres only like 9 of us"

"Dude remember that weekend up at the lake, we beaned the shit out of your van"

When seatbelts become objects that get in the way, you know your ride has become "beaned out"
by Wordz are Reel October 23, 2006
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