New York Stock Exchange. The US-half of NYSE Euronext.

NYSE has been a publicly traded company since 2005; at the time of its initial public offering, it merged with Euronext and ArcaEX.

While average daily trading volume on the NYSE is typically between 3 million and 7 million shares, only about 40% of this actually trades in the iconic Wall Street building. The rest trades remotely in regional exchanges.
In a good year, about 250 billion in new capital is raised from equity issues on the NYSE.
by Abu Yahya September 27, 2010
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chap who in the glory days of the now defunct Vogue gossip and celeb forums intermittently posted sexually explicit and threatening bile, boasted of his earnings in 'the market', discussed his celebrity contacts and discoursed on his love for the bodies of preteen girls.
I miss NYSE and all the other ex-Voguers.
by Tamara October 24, 2003
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A misspelling of the word 'nice'. Occasionally used to describe nissan.
"Ooh, that's a nyse car."
"The Nissan?"
"No you n00b, the car!"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun January 1, 2003
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