Amazing,stunning,gorgeous,cute,and pretty girl who can put a smile on anyone's face.Has the ability to uplift your spirits and make you laugh.Can cheer you up when you're down.She's nice and an awesome person to talk to.She's really caring and sweet.She's so rad, even emo kids love her. :D
"I love Kristin bby 'cause she makes my day.<3"
"Kristin Kollapse is the most amazing girl I've ever met."
"There's this one girl Kristin...she makes me happy."
"Hurt Kristin in any way,and you'll see my fist in yo face."
by Chann Brutal March 6, 2007
A group of friends, usually a trio, who stick together no matter what.
"Im out later with the Dank BBys"
"Hey Dank BBys!!"
"Yo Dank BBys"
by seaweedtee September 19, 2019