Yavin is the sweetest most amazing person in the world. He has a tough shell but he’s soft for that one special person in his life. (Loved one or lover) He is amazing at being there for you. He always knows what to say. And he means so much to so many people. He is all around the most amazing guy in the world.
Person 1 : who’s that guy?

Person 2: Yavin

Person 1: who’s dating him?

Person 2: I don’t know but he treats her like a queen.

#adorable #amazing
by SLD123 January 9, 2018
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A skinny black kid with ashy skin and a biting fetish. The master of the black cave, sexual harassment. He’s well known for being an African warlord of the irrelevant island of Mauritius, which is basically India. He harvests the souls of his victims and feasts on them at night. He’s often haunted by the ghost of his father Satis, a convicted adulterer. Synonyms include Malnourished, Starving, Nonce and Fuckboy.
That African kid on the UNICEF advert is such a Yavin.
by The Rich Chigger December 20, 2018
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Is the best person you will meet. Is handsome and can be cocky however he will love u with all his heart. He is a great d*** and is good in bed. He probably loves starwars as he is part of it. Is parents might be nerds or don't even know starwars. Yavin is the best person u will meet, he is a good friend and lover.
Can u see that handsome guy over there that is my friend Yavin
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Yavin is a planet in the Star Wars galaxy that is also known as Yavin Prime. It was an orange gas giant orbited by twenty-six moons. The moon Yavin 4 was used by the Rebel Alliance. The Galactic Empire attempted to destroy Yavin 4 in 0 BBY, but failed after being destroyed by Luke Skywalker with the help of the rest of the Rebel Alliance.
Guy 1: What was your favorite scene in Star Wars: A New Hope
Guy 2: The battle of Yavin was my favorite.
Guy 1: Yeah, Yavin is the best planet.
by Bitasaur January 2, 2022
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A yavin is a dark skinned feind who feeds off of women and there souls. He usully plays lacrosse and loves starwars.
That yavin kid is named after starwars
by Alabama hotpocket goober April 8, 2016
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a laddu that may eat cheese in the wrong times, and also likes to watch tf2. He also likes to miss his ride the YR, a.k.a, the caravan, YR Truck or Hatchback.
Hey, Is that Yavin over there?
by beta ji of ladoo November 26, 2020
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