Person 1: Thanks for the homework help
Person 2: Wlcm bby
by Phynixsxo March 13, 2017
some next slag who thinks she can navigate around linden realistically she’s just 1/3 of the ket head and that’s all she is for realzeas xx
omg did you see bby-dais
yeah she was with the other ket head lol, they're all absolutely lengerz
by xyra Thompson October 22, 2022
I’M THERE #1 FAN FIGHT ME!! Editing on point and is one of the sweetest people ever.
bby._.heeseung post a video!
Ugh yes period slay.
by Stan Oneus December 18, 2020
he’s naimas
chick #1: “yo let’s go talk to harrison bby.”
chick #2: “no no no he’s naimas
by maemaeeg May 25, 2019
An abbreviation for "oh baby." See also: obby
o bby, just got the last armor upgrade, time to wreck some bosses
by Geo1088_ March 28, 2019
means together forever no matter what.
zacharyy i love you soooooo much

: )<3xoxoxo
always and forever bby boo

" zachary out lover is always and forever bby boo<3"
by t.dubbs August 28, 2009