The British Broadcasting Corporation.

1) Great business strategy, taxing the British population for funding.
2) Owners of IRC servers which forbid everyone.
3) Owners of servers with cheap security.
4) Owners of nice cameras
5) If you could own them, imagine the power.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 05, 2003
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Called Belgrade Broadcastion Corporation due to impartial coverage of NATO offensive in ex-Yugoslavia. They're really, REALLY serious about the 'impartial' part.
"Switch to BBC, the peeps on CNN have started crying again"
by bllah January 08, 2004
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Acronym for Bitch Be Cool. Used to calm someone who is overly excited.
She: I'm gonna mess you up!
He: BBC!
by decode June 26, 2007
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Charles: (wakes up with symmetrical hickies on his neck from a night out)
Dave: bbc.

Charles: I didn't make out with her, she attacked my face with her mouth.
Dave: bbc.

Dave: why did she stop talking to you?
Charles: because I slept with her friend.
Dave: I don't follow
Charles: neither do I, bbc
by davez0rpance January 31, 2011
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