A gaseous expulsion from one's anus. Usually of the particularly fragrant variety.
Did you smell that sick bayless? I shouldn't have had that grilled chicken breast!
by KK McNasty November 16, 2010
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To speak with authority about a subject of which you have no actual knowledge or expertise, similar to the way Skip Bayless of ESPN "analyzes" sports.
Initially, I thought the stockbroker's recommendation that I put all my money in Ponzify stock made sense. But, the more I read about the company and basic investment strategies, the more I realized his reasoning was bayless.
by anact0fg0d June 23, 2012
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Skip Bayless: "My Dallas Cowboys are going all the way to the super bowl!"
Rational Person: "Skip, the Cowboys are 4-6."
by Mr. Wavey September 15, 2019
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N. a person

1)Some one who makes bold predictions on sports and has no idea what he is talking about.

2)Who lacks a brain and constantly mocks the #1 Wr in the NFL.

See. Skip Bayless ESPN
Ochocinco - " T.O did you hear dat trash dat PB Skippy Bayless was sayin ? " T.O- "Over rated, My ASS!"
by GameCast_Ninja October 28, 2010
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Annoying ESPN talking head who has only stepped into a locker room to leer at thick black cock. Has absolutely no credibility due to the fact that most of his arguments contain no facts. Is known to hate LeBron James, T.O, and now Aaron Rodgers, the most. Does daily show on ESPN2, "First take," in which he spews his horse shit.
Rational Person 1: "Skip Bayless said Tebow is better than Rodgers, can you believe that?!"
Rational Person 2: "I hope he gets larynx cancer."
by YourGirlMyHouse November 26, 2011
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1)No talent hack
3)Person who makes bold predictions and has no idea what he is talking about...and somehow gets paid for this.
4)Person stealing money from the Mercury.
5)Person who I wish would get off my TV and radio.
Skippy is a no-talent hack with a big mouth.
by Brian Albers August 11, 2003
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