Meaning the one who you cares and this person is everything into your life.You can no longer live wothout him/her.
See that old friend of yours! She is Jerry first take dude!
by Inja_mlonelydrizzy November 18, 2018
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When u take a picture of your self with YOURSELF. You can have other people when u take a selfie but that person can only be Barak Obama.
by Umme April 22, 2015
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Humanity has finally hit 100% retardedness. A son was actually made about taking a selfie. A girl is in a bathroom taking selfies and talking about boys and throwing up at any chance she can (probably because she balimic ) but that story is for another day. While her friend wants to get out of the bathroom she says "But first let me take a selfie" making her possibly a worse person than Adolf Hitler himself.
Hey shaniqua ?
Yesh babez ?

Want to go outside and get out of this brothel ?

Yesh, But first let me take a selfie !
Wow this girl is sooo ratchet.
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