Balls (testicles, nuts); the way a bum utters the word "balls." A slackish fashion in which to say the word "balls." Such a pronunciation denotes two things: 1. the speaker is using the common slang term for testicles (the term in not used to refer to objects such as baseballs, basketballs, etc.); and 2. the speaker is slack-jawed, speaking in an overly oafish or relaxed fashion, thus the alteration of the standard pronunciation.
Oh my baws.
by P'tainz October 6, 2010
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he was booted in the baws
by rab August 21, 2003
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Scottish slang. stems from english slang "bollocks" meaning testicles.

can also be used as a statement of disbelief.

Person1 I got my hole last nite.
person2 Baws , you couldnae get yer hole in a brothel.
yer maws got baws

ive got baws like watermelons

suck my baws.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
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eat a bagel, liek a baws!
Puke on Debrah's desk, like a baws!
by th3b0ss231757273 June 27, 2009
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for use in vulgar sentences and to ridicule other people
"I put ma baws in ur maws jaws"
by carson December 9, 2003
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n. plural for testicles
n. alternative word or greeting for
adj. used as an exclamation
n1- suck my baws
n2- whats up baws?
adj- after being shocked one replies
by Phillip January 13, 2004
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