Acronym for "Bitch and whine"; mostly seen after people lose bets with other people
David started to BAW because the he claimed that the rules of the flirting bet were not clear, which is why he lost.
by Jugg4n4ut July 14, 2009
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eat a bagel, liek a baws!
Puke on Debrah's desk, like a baws!
by th3b0ss231757273 June 27, 2009
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Bored At Work. Employee who surfs the interweb with "real job" projects open for the grand illusion of actually working.
Anton was so BAW that he played on social media sites all day, rather than doing his job.
by Cindy Chatty June 10, 2009
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for use in vulgar sentences and to ridicule other people
"I put ma baws in ur maws jaws"
by carson December 09, 2003
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1. Noun
Scottish dialect slang term for 'testicle'.
Can also be used figuratively as a pejorative term to describe a person. Similar in meaning to arse or fanny when used in the same way.

2. Prefix
Used as a prefix, 'baw-' means of or relating to testicles, either literally or figuratively.
1. "Joe's left baw is bigger than his right one."

1(fig). "Joe, you're such a baw sometimes!"

2. "Bawbag, bawslap bawchin, and bawhands are all examples of words which take the baw- prefix."
by Iain January 10, 2005
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