n. plural for testicles
n. alternative word or greeting for
adj. used as an exclamation
n1- suck my baws
n2- whats up baws?
adj- after being shocked one replies
by Phillip January 12, 2004
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Baws is a Scottish slang term for the word testicles. The word baws can lead to other words like 'bawbag', 'bawsack', 'baw', 'bawjaws'
by Cuntshitbaws June 02, 2010
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Are Rangers any good?

No. They're pure baws.
by Trevor July 17, 2003
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Scottish slang for 'testicle'
Most commonly used as an insult
Baw is usually used like this:

You're such a baw!
You've got no baws!
Come back once you've grown some baws!
by iluvtarja September 16, 2006
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Baws can either mean one of two things.

1. Baws = balls (which is Scottish slang)

2. Baws = Boss
1. Tom: Gahh. My baws smell rank today!

Alex: Tom. Dude. I didn't need to know that!

2. Alex: I'm such a baws!

Tom: I know Alex! You're the best
by bitch.hermaphrodite.alex December 07, 2011
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