it's a word used when you see a brown/black, asian and a white person chilling together
Reyman: dude, isn't that justin, lucy and hayden over there??

Garry: yeah man, that situation is soo BAW
by imthebeast November 13, 2010
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Letting out a funny gesture.
Going from a bass sound to a soprano sound.
by Joel Justin October 27, 2009
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D: A tough CBer who has a way with words...
He has a flaming level above 9000 and can exterminate any trollers with only one blow.
CBer1: Look, it's Bawful...
Troller: -runs-
by stay_anonymous September 7, 2009
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pretty awesome, but pretty balls too
"that link you sent me was bawes"
by redcap101 January 20, 2007
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someone who is is really butch, looks like a lesbian or plays softball. Basically a dyke.
OMG did you see that Baw?!? She just punched that chick!
by shish_kabob March 19, 2010
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Big Ass Wretch
Referring to Gears of War. The mutated creatures, where the only way to kill them is to chainsaw the fuck out of them because they get up after you shoot them down. Like jesus. Wtf.
1: That shit just got back up!
2: That's because it's a BAW!
1: Shit, I don't have a chainsaw.
2: We're fucked.
by Blackflame619 July 31, 2009
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Glasgow slang meaning that your cock is so deeply embedded in a girls poonanny that her spiders legs are tickling yer ballsack.
" A was baw deep on friday night an ma maw walked intae ma bedroom"
by Mark McKay July 23, 2005
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