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a short term for masturbating; beating off; pronunced like the "bating" in "masturbating"
Be right back. I feel like batin' for a little while.
by HomelessEd November 13, 2004
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Short for masturbating. A person or people that are being lazy and unresponsive. People (or a person) that take an annoyingly long amount of time to do something.
Dave must be batin, because he is taking forever to get to the theater.

The office took three weeks to process my paperwork cuz they were batin.
by *shoeless* September 12, 2008
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When you masturbate discretely, but carelessly, in a public setting.
I'm pretty sure Zach has been batin behind his desk for the past 3 hours.
by Bub-Tub Half Chub May 31, 2015
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Basically the shorter version of masterbating without the awkward looks. I made this one myself and it works wonders!

"So, you didn't answer when I called. Were you batin' it up?"
by T. Beez February 11, 2008
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