An old man, an old fellow. Someone who is very old, moans a lot, and often damages his knee while playing sports, or just walking. Person in their 30's and up that's found in Teen chatrooms, to see if they can get their flat wanker up.

Dude, Quit acting like a Batchelor.
by WVboy1 November 20, 2006
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A single dude who mixes up his own bread/cookie-dough due to his having no women-folk around to do da baking for him.
If a batchelor becomes good enough at his cooking, potential spouses might find this ability attractive, especially if said ladies happen to be "lazy cooks" themselves, and so they wish that someone else would make dinner sometimes.
by QuacksO April 4, 2019
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a batchelor is someone who will always be alone due to loving one direction so much and fantisising over harry styles

when you get shit stuck onto the bottom of your shoes

Oh crap, i just got a batchelor
by ii beeyyyy November 29, 2011
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The quickest and easiest sandwich ever made, usually consists solely of two slices of bread with a condiment in the middle. It is left as one big sandwich, never cut, it doesn't contain butter and is awarded extra points if it consists of both white and brown bread or made in under 25 seconds.
Can also be reffered to as a-
-student sandwich
-ad-break sandwich
-midnight sandwich
-late-for-work sandwich
-home made fast food
-one course meal for one
DAVID: oh my god, i just noticed the time and made the fastest batchelor sandwich ever...12 seconds flat, AND i had to put the tomato ketchup and butter back in the fridge :D
MILES: 12 seconds?! that's impre...did you just say butter?...that's not a batchelor sandwich, that's just a quick lunch.
by Mazzerboy May 12, 2009
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A BBQ chicken usually bought from woolies or Coles
Macca was starving at smoko so he went to woolies and got a batchelors handbag
by Ronster March 5, 2021
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A folded over stack of cash consisting of a large number of $1 bills with a $20, $50 or $100 bill on the outside so the bearer appears to have a wad of large denomination bills.
I tried to pay for drinks out of my batchelor's bankroll, but the waitress cock blocked me by counting the singles when I gave them to her.


person 1: Dude, you shouldn't flash that much cash, man.

person 2: Don't worry, it's a batchelor's bankroll.
by Farquad Arnot December 6, 2009
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When you find a girl a girl, grab her boob, and when she goes to slap you, you high five her.
Dude, Shane gave that girl a Batchelor High-Five last night and now they are dating!
by Punkaboo October 16, 2011
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