refers to one's head, shortened from cabeza which is spanish for head - often used when discusted with halo - or when your head gets hurt - also see domed (dome) (ed)
"Dude, when i crashed last week my base got rocked."
"Oh, i just sniped him in his base"
by tLydick February 18, 2008
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black/african ancestry. or black looks.
i) idi amin's got a lot of base
ii) jlo's got a bit of base. u can see it in her ass.
iii) theres a lot of base in detroit
by b199er November 23, 2004
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When one person jones on another person really badly.
"Yeah, well your face loos lie a shriveled jacked off dick".
"He just base you"
"Now dat was a base"
"Straight base your azz"
by RAYRAYBLAN February 29, 2008
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when you get the very bottom of the nug of weed where it is mostly stem. not very high in concentration and bringing you a low quality high.
"this is the BASE shit add some more DAWG"
by AYYOWHATUP October 02, 2009
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these other defintions are incorrect. A base is your hood, it is where you are from.
"Yo dawg you think your tough come down to my base and see what happens to you"
by bhm March 15, 2005
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a disgraceful attempt at a sequel to Tribes one. Base has been compared to watching slugs mate. Very old slugs.
There is about as much skill required to play base as there is to tie ones shoes. Amazingly enough, there are people who still find it challenging to do both.
by Majestic February 17, 2003
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