When you get your balls stuck or they hurt from you flicking them.
basaltic- Broooo I hit my nuts on accident!
by JaySav551 December 6, 2018
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1) A hard, black, often glassy, volcanic rock. It was produced by the partial melting of the Earth's mantle.

2) A stone-like, hard black unglazed pottery.

1) The statue was built on a basalt tower.
2) That vase cannot break, it's made of basalt.
by Jafje June 14, 2007
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joke form of the word "assult" for the geologically inclined
"stop basalting me park ranger toby delcompass"
by izerin2103 November 13, 2006
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A type of igneous rock usually associated with table making.
Hey is that counter-top made of the mineral basalt?
by L-dawg January 26, 2003
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Person 1: Hey, do you know Nelson?
Person 2: Do you mean Basalt?
by caca111 March 5, 2019
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