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joke form of the word "assult" for the geologically inclined
"stop basalting me park ranger toby delcompass"
by izerin2103 November 13, 2006
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one of the most stedfast teams in mlb history with a small but militantly faithful and demanding fanbase. despite a great deal of success in the early 20th century, all respect for the white sox was lost in the black sox scandal of 1919. since then, the white sox have been forced to live in the inferior shadow of the hated and ridiculous chicago cubs of the northside. in 2005 dignity was regained when the white sox won the world series by shear teamwork, talent, and determination.
for a true southside raised white sox fan, pain, deep-seated resentment and envy, and extreme highs and lows are the norm. from a very young age, the true sox fan learns all there is to know about baseball and every way in which to hate the cubs. the sox fan (and the true cubs fan for that matter, not the drunken yuppies and tourists spending a summer day in historic wrigley field that make up the majority of their superficial fanbase) knows that reconciliation between sox and cubs fans can never occur. those that say otherwise either dont know shit about baseball or dont know shit about chicago.
"so you're from chicago"
"how 'bout them cubs"
"fuck you, im a white sox fan"
by izerin2103 November 13, 2006
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