Individual with a fetish for machines. Typically desiring some form of sexual congress with machines. Either very specific machines or very wide ranging in tastes.

Schlessinger published his story-showing his wide range of tastes.

The commonest is a love of vehicles-cars, motorbikes, trucks in particular. Boats and other variations can be found appealing too.

Other mechaphiles go for working engines, power tools and similiar.

A wide variety of sexual techniques can be employed. One mechaphile (me) has a manual on how to make love to a car or other vehicle, for example. There are also groups on yahoo for the same fetishes.

autophile is referred to, however is incorrect.
Myself as the author-I'm a vehicle mechaphile, specifically cars, bikes, boats, trucks. I've a number of sites and featured in the Sun, March 2007.
by Karnautrahl November 8, 2007
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A mechaphile is a description of a person who will commit sexual acts and form such relationships involving a car.
"Oh look mummy that mechaphile is fucking his car and now the mechaphile stuck his penis into the car exhaust pipe"
by smashmymitten33 May 28, 2008
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someone who has sex with a car, yes, i said WITH a car.
Dude, he has his dick in the tailpipe! He's such a mechaphile, eew!
by CherryLayne December 30, 2009
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Mechaphiles are sick cunts that have sex with their cars or they either masturbate whilst rubbing the bodywork or interior of their cars. They are often not sexually attracted to other human beings. The cars often carry a gender and mechaphiles can engage in either heterosexual or homosexual relationships with their vehicles.
"After a few minutes I felt the desire to connect with her further, so I had penetrative sex with the exhaust pipe. That's when I realised I was a mechaphile."
by Elle.LA May 30, 2008
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An insane itchy asshole who spreads his hairy legs for cars. He can be found sticking his fat cock and balls in the tailpipe.
Jeremy: What a fucking penishead. He just stuck his fucking dick in the tailpipe of my new 370z!
Deontay: He's a fucking mechaphile!
by itchyasshole January 14, 2011
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