Banoodles, a portmanteau of bananas and noodles.

Noodles made from banana flour.
"Banana life hack!!! Collect all the stringy bits and make a big plate of sweet, grainy banoodles!!"
by natalie portmanteaux January 15, 2023
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crazy for.

crazy, trippin', wack, off the hook, k fizzle, off the heezy, tyte, bitchin'
Andrea Chen is banoodles for Linkin Park.
The girls went banoodles after they heard the hott guy in their math class had dropped out.
by :) January 13, 2004
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That party was banoodles.
He went banoodles when he heard his girlfriend was preganant
by Erin March 12, 2003
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"to go banoodles"

To go crazy with celebration; to go bananas.
Jamir Howerton: The crowd goes banoodles whenever Phil Dawson kicks a field goal!
by coreyk626 June 28, 2006
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