A male that doesn't worry about the stupid things of life. Great in bed and likes to eat, but isn't that fat. He is always surrounded by the coolest of people but is not a people pleaser.
Hey you know a kid named Jamir

Yeah, i saw him doing the bernie at the wedding.
by KingSwagger November 29, 2011
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A dark-skinned male who is very handsome, plays sports and loves listening to music. Very athletic and puts everyone before his needs but keeps how he feels to himself. Best person to vibe w/ and easy to make friends. Sometimes a "popular loner".
Two random Girls
Girl 1: "Girl you see that boy with the Headphones hooping."
Girl 2: "You talking bout that dark-skin, yass girl he is soo finee, i tried talking to him but I love his voice."
Girl 1:" Girl I'm scared to to to him, he is too fine and I think his name Jamir."
by YaAverageGirly March 8, 2021
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The best/cutest friend/boyfriend you can have he’s funny,likes to play playstation and he wants to smoke weed but he believes he has a basketball career ahead of him
Jamir is my boyfriend
by November 27, 2020
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Jamir is love handsome in ones you got him don’t let him go in don’t make him mad cus he would say sum things he don’t mean in he got hands bad in he sta in his feelings in he want tha right but be mind don’t let Jamir go yhu would Never stop thinking abou him
Jamir is handsome .
by NBA JJ February 13, 2020
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A very black male who looks like he was left out in the sun for too long
"Did the room just get darker?"
"Yeah, Jamir is here!"
by hmmmm ;) May 11, 2010
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Jamir is a very Handsome Lightskin Kid with a High top and also who has a gigantic dick and that is very very good in Bed
Ooh Jamir your Lightskin and sexy as fuck
by King Kyrie September 24, 2018
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