A river rising in the mourne mountains of Co. Down Northern Ireland. It flows north to Lough Neigh, through it and up and out to the sea between Portstewart and Castlerock. The longest river in Northern Ireland.
Wee joes girlfriend left him so he went n jumped in the bann
by Dirge September 19, 2004
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She is a beautiful young woman. Has a great personality although she can be mean sometimes but she just plays around. She has a lot of struggles in love though. She is just really unique and you should appreciate u have her.
Bannely is a unique person and doesn’t care about what people tell her.
by Someone that is a person January 8, 2018
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A young chav who socialises around the bann with lots of other chavs for the sole purpose of becoming intoxicated on alcohol, ketamine, MDMA and various other substances. A bann rat can be aggressive and unpredictable. A common bann rat phrase would be " Yo Bai pay ye a fiver for a line la". The Bann is an anti-social area within Northern Ireland. They do not often pay their debt to drug dealers.
"oh god I see a group of bann rats"," Look at those bann rats they are sniffing like no tomorrow"
by GyammonFast November 25, 2019
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When you mistype something....

Bannes: Your banned from something but then they mistypes it in the game. Bannes.
Boi: "Dude look at this , I got banned but it says-"
Boy: "Bannes. I know that game. You banned dude suck it up."
by September 15, 2020
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To Kick people out


To Remove from specific place
I'm gonna bann you, you ass whole
by P.A.N March 26, 2013
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Bann bn
Bann jj
by V3Mas April 26, 2020
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If rock have a name it would be Bannely, she's like a storm in every aspect of her life, love, work, study, family, there's no middle therms for her, ALL IN OR GO HOME BABY, but sometimes she will want protection and it would be like a kitty in your arms, giving you peace and love
I will love you, until the last of my days Bannely
by Alced November 23, 2021
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