Short for "Banging"
1. adj. meaning highly attractive (refering to an object or person)
2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (refering to music, a party, etc.)
3. v. to be involved with a gang. present or past tense.
4. v. to have/having/having had sex. present or past tense.
1. "man did you see that girl tom was with... she was bangin!"

2. "the club was bangin last night man, you should have come out"

3. "that fools been straight bangin' since was 13..."

4. "I was bangin this girl from alabama back then..."
by Olly J February 7, 2005
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1) Term used to describe a sexy or attractive person.

2) Term used to describe something that is great, wonderful, awesome.
That bitch is bangin' yo! I look bangin' tonight.

Man, that shit is bangin'!
by Andy November 3, 2002
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being a gangmember. engaging in gang activity.
"Shameeq used to be cool but now he's bangin and slangin."
by adam November 21, 2004
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" damn, that girl is bangin! "
by bongo. October 30, 2003
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Term used to describe an attractive female.
"Yo, that shorty is bangin'."
by Dre August 5, 2002
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Damn she's bangin!
by Kim October 16, 2003
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